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Stunning wide images of New Zealand's landscape 

High resolution panoramas taken from ground and air by photographer Glen Coates. 

Published in a wide variety of forms - posters, fold-out cards, magnets & bookmarks, and large custom inkjets prints up to 1.5 high by 7 meters long



Our stunning panoramas are presented in cards that fold out to a width of 620 mm. Each view spans up to 180 degrees of the horizon. Useful information about each area is provided in a key to the panorama, a summary of the area's special features, and a map of the region.  An envelope is supplied with each card.

Panoramic posters

Printed on thick paper (200gsm) at a finished size of 1000 x 340mm.  We offer block-mounts on 12mm MDF as a framing option for orders within NZ.  


Laminated bookmarks measuring 200 x 50mm. The reverse side of each bookmark presents a key to the panorama identifying the main landmarks in the view.


Laminated magnets measuring

200 x 50mm, 2mm in thickness

Large prints

Printed at very large sizes our panoramas retain great detail due to their high resolution. We have reproduced them as magnificent wall-size prints up to 7m wide. A number of stock sizes are available from 1.5 to 3.6m wide.  For special prints made to order, a square metre rate is applied . All prints are finished with a non-reflective matt laminate that protects and waterproofs the image.  The lightfast inks used do not fade out of direct sunlight.  Prints can be supplied in tubes or we have various
framing options.

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