Custom Blocks

Photoblocks at custom sizes - 18mm MDF

We can make photoblocks to any custom size on request. 

Note that 18mm MDF is quite heavy so for very large prints our 12mm block-mounts may be more suitable. 

Please use the contact form for a quotation and follow the specifications carefully.

Price is calculated at an area rate for any or all of the following: block manufacture, printing, laminating and mounting.


Block mounts for large format prints - 12mm MDF

Block-mounting is a simple, smart, cost-effective method of mounting large ink-jet prints, posters and charts.


Price is calculated at a square metre rate for printing, laminating, and block-mounting. 

Please use the contact form for a quotation.


Thicknessgenerally 12mm.

Edges - beveled or finished square, stained black.  

Sizelimited only by the size of standard MDF sheets (1.2 x 2.4m or 3.6m).

Hanging - no problem with our MDF French cleats (Wallmates) supplied with each block.  The cleat on the back of the mount is simply lowered onto the wall component for a firm fit. This secures the block 12mm out from the wall giving it an attractive suspended appearance.

Printing, laminating, & mounting - Large ink-jet prints can be made to any length and up to1.5m in width.

Laminatingour non-reflective (matte) laminate can be wiped with a damp cloth.

Mounting - a skilled task which is included in the cost of the block.