Large Prints

Custom-size ink-jet prints at any size up to 1.5m in height and 7m in length
Our high res. images retain great detail at large sizes and are printed with long-life Kodak inks. Prints are finished with a high-quality non-reflective laminate that provides UV protection and allows the surface to be wiped down with a damp cloth. We can quote for adding graphics to any image.
Prices for printing and laminating are calculated at a square metre rate. We also have a number of stock sizes as listed in the price table below. Prints are shipped in thick cardboard tubes. Professional framers can easily mount your print onto particle board. We recommend not glassing over a laminated print to avoid reflections - our matt laminate already gives adequate protection.
The example shown here is a 7-metre wide mural that has been mounted on the wall using duct tape.

Our framing options (NZ customers only)

Set-up fee on first block of a particular size - $40.00 

PHOTOBLOCKS in 18mm mdf, satin black or white painted edges $250.00/m²  (2.5 cents/cm² )

Keyhole and screw provided for easy wall hanging.

Photo blocks are suitable for prints up to about 0.75 square metres. Larger prints are best framed on our 12mm block-mounts to reduce the weight.

BLOCK-MOUNTS in 12mm mdf, black stained edges, beveled or square $150.00/m²  (1.5 cent/cm² ) 

Wall-mate hanging brackets included in price.

See table below for pricing of standard sizes.

Pricing of printing, laminating and block mounting

Images from our gallery - please see prices in table below

Images supplied by customer: 

  • Printing: Area charge $75.00/m²   (0.75 cents/cm² )  

  • Laminating: Area charge $75.00/m²   (0.75 cents/cm² ) 

  • Block preparation: Photoblocks $250.00/m²   (2.5 cents/cm² )  Blockmounts $150.00/m²  (1.5 cents/cm² )

To place an order for a print or confirm a price please go to our "Contact us" page.

We can also quote for adding graphics to an image.