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Large Panoramic Prints

Custom-size ink-jet prints at any size up to 1.5m in height and 7m in length
Our high res. images retain great detail at large sizes and are printed with long-life Kodak inks. Prints are finished with a high-quality non-reflective laminate that provides UV protection and allows the surface to be wiped down with a damp cloth. We can quote for adding graphics to any image.

Prints are shipped in thick cardboard tubes. Professional framers will know how to mount your print onto board.

Calculated  according to area at $240 /square metre +GST. For example a panorama at 2.0 x 0.4m = 0.8 x $240 = $192 + GST. Please go to our contact page to confirm a price or place an order for any image in our gallery.
This example is a
7-metre wide mural
that has been mounted
on the wall using duct tape.

Block-mounted prints

Our block-mounts are a smart cost-effective solution for the display of our large prints. The 12mm MDF board we use is stiff enough to remain straight without being too heavy at large sizes.

Edging styles:  We have two styles of machined edges - traditional beveled mounts and our new modern thin-mounts as in the illustrations.

Size is only limited by the size of MDF sheets which are 1.2m by 2.4m or 3.6m. Sheets can be joined on-site for special jobs.

Pricing:  The cost of block-mounting one of our prints is calculated at $150/square metre +GST. In addition a set-up fee of $40.00 applies to the first block of a particular size. 

Inquiries: Please use our contact page so we can confirm a price with you. Note that block-mounting is an option for NZ customers only.

Wall hanging: We supply French cleats with every block free of charge. The cleat on the back of the mount is simply lowered onto the wall component for a firm fit. This leaves a gap between the frame and the wall giving it an interesting suspended appearance.

French cleats.png

Block-mounting service

If you have a print, map or chart of your own, we can offer you our block-mounting service at the rate given above. Please send a message from our contact page so we can give you a quotation.

Traditional block mount with black beveled edge 
Modern thin mount with 4mm black edge
Lake Pukaki R.jpg
Thin mounts are also made from 12mm board but the edges are machined down to a thickness of just 4mm. Once hung on the French cleats the thin edges sit 20mm out from the wall for a stunning effect. Our packaging system ensures the blocks travel safely.
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