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Phone Stand
A special product with many uses - much more than a phone stand! Be creative and make it a novel gift for someone. 


A home for
your phone


A mirror for you


Watch a movie


Video calls hands-free


Reflect an image

2" x 3" prints fit neatly between the mirror and front lip. For printing in mirrored format flip a jpg image vertically in your picture editing software. You can view some examples of messages here.


Reflect a message


1. Carefully pull the mirror out of its slot

henry 1.png

2. Our online tutorial shows how to mount your print using the adhesive on the rear of the mirror. 

Photo mounts

To use your phone stand as a photo frame, pull the reversible mirror from its slot, mount your photo on the back and return it to the slot. 

In our online store you will find a purchase option with adhesive already on the back of the mirror. Then you can mount a print yourself.

Henry 2.png

3. Return your mounted print firmly in the slot. And then when you need to use the mirror it’s there on the back. 

For companies and organisations

Reflect your logo,  your brand or a message

Create a novel corporate gift


We can provide a quotation for any quantity of stands bearing your business logo. Please use our contact form

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